• for your home

    Sculptural teapots, vases, and cairns.

  • for your table

    Bowls, salt and pepper sets.

  • Cairn in garden setting Opener

    for your garden

    Fountains, sculpture, and reflection bowls.

Inspired by nature, made by hand.

Welcome to Gerald Arrington Stoneware Ceramics

The sensual forms of river stones have been a source of inspiration throughout my life. I hold, examine, stack, skip, and frequently take them home. My journey creating stones out of clay began in 1996 at a time when I lived and spent many days flyfishing on the Big Wood River in central Idaho. That inspiration has now become my passion.

What initially looks like rock, stone, and driftwood is actually a trompe l’oeil — they’re unique ceramic forms intended to challenge assumptions about the intersections of the natural and artistic worlds.

Throughout the process to develop these forms, I remain aware of the continuum of tectonic and erosional forces that change stone into clay, and then back into stone. On a much smaller scale, I incorporate and repeat many of these natural processes. Exploring the circular nature of these sequences is a consistent source of inspiration and reflection.

The emphasis on understated archetypal forms tend to inspire individual interpretation. And from reflection on personal experiences to the contemplation of timeless ancient processes, you are invited to look beyond perceived use and find deeper pleasure in the form, surface, and presence.